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SMSF Compliance & Admin Kit

Our SMSF Compliance & Admin Kit (formerly "SMSF Admin Kit") is a practical guide for use by accountants administering ATO regulated superannuation funds.  First published in 1999, our Kit remains the only one of its type on the market.

With our most recent edition, we have created the kit to be an exclusively online resource which can be accessed (and downloaded) from the subscribers area of our website.  We have also split the kit into individual chapters with a view for us to be able to update individual sections as changes take effect and, in turn, more efficiently and effectively keep the resource up to date for our subscribers. 



  • An outline of what is a Self Managed Superannuation Fund including common misconceptions and what restructuring is required when circumstances change.
  • A detailed outline of when a fund is eligible to accept contributions.
  • An outline of the circumstances in which contributions may be tax deductible and the issues to be considered.
  • An explanation of the contribution splitting rules and how to account for such transactions.
  • An explanation of contribution caps and the consequences of exceeding a cap.
  • An explanation of the investment restrictions laid down in the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act.
  • Details on what investment strategies must contain.
  • A step by step guide to the development and maintenance of investment strategies, including:
    • example strategies
    • standard trustee resolutions
    • sample paragraphs for funds which invest in unit trusts, leased assets, limited recourse borrowing etc
    • case studies
  • An explanation of the impact of financial services reform on an accountant's role in relation to investment strategies, including guidance for accountants who are not holders of an Australian Financial Services licence. 
  • A summary of fund taxation issues, including residency, non-arm's length income etc.
  • An outline of how GST applies in a superannuation fund context and in particular the Reduced Input Tax Credit (RITC) concept.
  • An explanation as to when members can access their superannuation and how to calculate whether benefits are preserved, restricted or unrestricted.
  • A detailed listing of the information to be provided to members when they join the fund, periodically, and when they leave the fund
  • Tips for winding up a fund
  • Extensive appendices including Compliance Checklists, sample forms etc.



We are in the process of updating our SMSF Compliance & Admin Kit with all the new legislation.

To subscribe to our SMSF Compliance & Admin Kit, please click here to download our subscription order form (as a writeable PDF).  Page 2 has an overview of all our Advisor Support packages/subscriptions along with the inclusions and costs.

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