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What is a Self Managed Fund?

A Self Managed Fund, or as commonly described, a DIY (do-it-yourself) fund, is 'self managed' in the sense that it is operated and controlled by you (as trustee), rather than by a third party.

'Self Managed Superannuation Fund' is also the name given to funds regulated by the ATO (Australian Taxation Office). Such funds are required to have no more than 4 members and there are restrictions on the persons who can be trustees and members.

Funds with 5 or more members are commonly referred to as APRA regulated funds. APRA stands for the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. APRA regulated funds are typically established by employers wanting to offer a more personalised fund for employees. APRA funds are subject to more onerous regulation than the ATO regulated self managed funds.

What is Fund Administration?

All superannuation funds are required to prepare Financial Statements, an Income Tax Return and a Regulatory Return each year. An independent auditor must also audit the fund each year.

Our fund administration services include the preparation of financial statements, self-managed superannuation fund annual return, annual trustee minutes, member reports and other documentation. We can also arrange for an annual audit, by a third party auditor.

The degree to which we are involved will depend upon the level of assistance you require. Note, we do not offer administration services for 5 or more member funds.