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We can provide assistance to you on all superannuation related matters.

Our advice is practical and hands-on, based on our extensive experience in the accounting, taxation and financial planning aspects of superannuation.

Our range of services includes:

Legislative Compliance

  • Queries on compliance with superannuation legislation including
    • Eligibility for contributions
    • Tax deductibility of contributions
    • Contribution Caps
    • Eligibility for benefit payments
    • Taxation of benefit payments
    • Permitted investments
    • Use of related unit trusts
    • Appropriate documentation
  • Reviews of funds to ensure compliance with legislation including
    • Review of financial statements, member statements, investment strategy, trustee minutes, working papers
    • Report on any deficiencies
    • Recommendations on remedial action
    • Assistance to ensure future compliance
  • Preparation of Investment Strategies, Reserving Strategies and Derivatives Risk Statements (including provision of templates)
  • Assistance with ATO reviews/audits of funds
  • Assistance to fund trustees who may have breached the legislation, including development of a rectification program and liaison with ATO 

Retirement & Planning

  • Contribution strategies
  • Retirement strategies
  • Advice on pension issues, including suggested strategies before commencement of a pension and structuring options to ensure maximum benefit is obtained
  • Advice on superannuation related estate planning issues

Fund Maintenance

  • Recommendations on and review of fund structures
  • Admission of new members
  • Fund administration
  • Wind up of funds
  • Benefit payments including
    • Lump sum withdrawals
    • Pension commencements  
    • Death benefits
  • Trust deed reviews

Please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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