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Benefit Payment Kit

Our Benefit Payment Kit is designed as a hands-on practical guide for accountants and financial planners. The kit uses example data to illustrate the mechanics of both lump sums and pensions.


  • Explanation of the various types of pensions which may be paid from self managed funds.
  • Lump sum withdrawals, including: calculating the components, the taxation consequences, PAYG withholding and necessary documentation.
  • Account based pensions, including: commencing the pension, the taxation consequences, PAYG withholding, necessary documentation, year end issues and lump sum withdrawals.
  • Market linked pensions (also known as term allocated pensions or growth pensions), including: commencing the pension, allowable terms, the taxation consequences, PAYG withholding, necessary documentation and year end issues.
  • Issues to consider when situations change, such as: the death of a pensioner, transferring pension providers.
  • Transition to retirement pensions, including standard minutes and member notifications.
  • Document templates in Word format.
  • Proforma Product Disclosure Statements for each pension type.
  • Worked examples including completed forms and worksheets.
  • How to calculate the taxable income of the fund including issues for segregated, unsegregated and partially segregated funds.
  • Pension strategies.
  • Commonly asked questions taken from the thousands of technical calls we receive each year.


Following the release of the ATO's PCG 2017/5, we are pleased to announce that subscribers to our Benefit Payment Kit can now access the documents necessary to record:

  • the rollback of all or part of an account based income stream on or before 30 June 2017
  • the cessation of one of more transition to retirement income streams on or before 30 June 2017.

We are in the process of updating our Benefit Payment Kit with all the new legislation.  

To subscribe to our Benefit Payment Kit, please click here to download our subscription order form (as a writeable PDF).  Page 2 has an overview of all our Advisor Support packages/subscriptions along with the inclusions and costs.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us

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